I get a lot of requests for plans for the products posted on these web pages.

I'm sad to say that nothing like that exists. I put the web site online to post pictures of some of the products from my dad's hobby. I tried to help him build some of these things once but found I was just in the way. All the designs and processes seem to only exist in his head. I thought that someday I might try making a video tape and then attempting to write something up, but that hasn't happened.

To answer the usual questions, it takes about 2 to 3 days to make an airplane. You aren't working all the time so most of the time you are waiting for things like glue to dry. You can have a bunch of items in process at a time. Everything is out of recycled or scrap material. He makes alumnium nuts out of sheet metal by drilling and then tap. Then he cuts them apart. The struts are coat hangers that are threaded. He does use staples in the wings, but they have been shortened.

The caboose is the result of 2 years of research and testing in a basement work shop during the cold winters. My dad does attend about one craft show a year to clean out the inventory to make room for making more.

Even though there aren't plans for what you see on this web page, I have been able to do Google searches for such key words as "alumnium can crafts" and have received many hits for sites that DO have plans, designs, and books on the topic. I hope you at least enjoyed looking at the pictures on this site.

Thanks for your interest in his projects and sorry again about the lack of plans. Maybe some day.